Class Descriptions

Kettlebell Intro: Everyone starts here. Three mandatory sessions focus on basic movements and proper form of the kettlebell. Foundation exercises include swing, clean, press, and snatch. Upon completion, you may then enter the Basic Kettlebell classes. By appointment.

Kettlebell Basics: Improve your basics as you learn new kettlebell movements in a fun and challenging circuit format.

Strength & Endurance: This kettlebell class takes you to the next level. The emphasis is on refining the basics, learning new intermediate techniques, and building endurance. We like to mix it up in this class with circuits, intervals, and tabata.

Warrior Class: Kettlebells, body weight, and sweat. This class is for those of you who just want more. This is our advanced level class and incorporates cross training to get the most out of your kettlebell workouts.

Let’s Move: A slower paced hybrid class with a mix of kettle bells, TRX suspension straps, and body movements

Cardio & Bands: This class starts with a cardio  warm up using basic steps and kick boxing movements. This is a high energy class set to the pace of pumping music. Get right into a full body resistance band work out. Lots of sweat, lots of fun, and lots of energy. Walk ins welcome.

Cardio & Body Weight: You never know what you are walking into on Monday mornings. Could be core, could be plyometrics, or could be the king of wicked – the Gambler. Not for the faint of heart. Show up, have fun, get it done. Walk ins welcome.

Ab Lab: A quick warm up and let’s get busy with 45 minutes of “are you kidding me” ab work.   More ab exercises than you thought existed. Always something new mixed in and always challenging. Walk ins welcome.

Tabata: The fastest proven method of burning calories and fat grams. The Tabata protocol is a high intensity training regime that produces remarkable results through a variety of training techniques: kettlebells, body weight, battle ropes. The intervals both tax your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This class is an absolute blast, but be prepared to be challenged! Walk ins welcome.

Clubbell Yoga: A fusion of strength training and yoga created to improve quality of movement, Clubbell Yoga is grounded in precision, anatomical alignment and breath.  Expect to improve shoulder stability, core strength, single leg balances and vinyasa yoga transitions. All Clubbell Yoga poses have modifications so that any BODY can find freedom in the practice.

Though all of the classes offered at Fitness Quest are designed to challenge, it is up to you to regulate yourself when needed and work to the level with which you are comfortable, while progressing towards your fitness goals.